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Lulu's Chocolate

"Perfect Treats for Retreats"

Organic. Raw. Renowned Homemade Chocolates. Sipping Chocolate. Edible Body Butters.

Lulu's Chocolate - One of Sedona's Best Shops

Contact Information

(928) 554-1189

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm


Some of the best tasting and nutritious chocolates in the country. The renowned Lulu's Chocolates are hand crafted onsite right in the back kitchen. Shipped all over the country, Lulu's Chocolates are carried in the the finest grocery stores and boutique shops.

It's all Vegan, Raw, Low-Glycemic, Soy Free, Gluten-Free, and Organic. But don't let all those "healthy terms" scare you, it's the best chocolate you've ever tasted!

They have handcrafted Truffles, including the Love Truffles, Maca Buttercups, Raspberry Rapture, Salted Caramel and Habanero Caramel.

Their chocolate bars are perfect for travel and include their branded Aztec Crunch, Smoked Sea Salt Almond, Coffee Crunch, Maca Love, Midnight Velvet and more.

And they have the best sipping chocolate we've ever tasted. There is something so decadent about their sipping chocolates. Raw. Nutritious. Healthy.

Go visit Lulu's Chocolate Lounge in West Sedona and discover why Lulu's Chocolates are carried in over 350 stores throughout the country. Chocolates made fresh right in the back kitchen. Enjoy coffee, tea, chocolates in a variety of forms. Even an edible coconut and chocolate body butter to spice things up a bit on you Sedona retreat. The perfect treat for a Sedona retreat.


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