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Sedona’s Best Restaurants

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

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Sedona's Best Restaurants

Heartline Cafe - One of Sedona's Best Restaurants

A part of every "Couples Retreat" should be good food. Food that is nourishing. Food that celebrates. Food that is healthy. Perhaps even a bit different. When we "Customize Our Retreats", we pride ourselves on making the best suggestions based on your requirements. We make sure that your Sedona experience has the perfect amount of time set aside for rich culinary experiences, based on its importance to you.

Like any tourist town, Sedona does have options for great food. But to be frank, we are known more for the scenery that feeds your soul. While you're here, make the best "Dining Choices" Sedona has to offer. This is not a paid advertising site, nor does it only cater to those "Sedona Restaurants" who pay for more coverage on TripAdvisor or Yelp. Our site is dedicated to showcasing the best experiences that Sedona has to offer; listing some of our "Favorite Sedona Restaurants" and what most of us consider the "Best Sedona Restaurants".

We will continue to showcase the "Best Sedona Dining" experiences, our favorite dishes, and exclusive dining specials for our guests. Every hour is a happy hour in Sedona if you know the best options. We do. Italian Restaurants. Southwest Fare. Bistros. Restaurants with views. Outdoor seating. Catering. Deliveries. Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options. Pet-Friendly options. "Romantic Picnics". Healthy cuisine.

  • A Taste of Marrakech

    A Taste of Marrakech

    "Healthy, Flavorful, International Cuisine"

    Learn More

  • Bella Vita Ristorante

    Bella Vita Ristorante

    "High End Italian Food ~ Truly Modest Price"

    Learn More

  • Cafe Paleo Brio

    Cafe Paleo Brio

    "Healthy Gluten-Free Restaurant"

    Learn More

  • Garland's Indian Gardens Cafe & Market

    Garland's Indian Gardens Cafe & Market

    "Historical Classic Scenic Destination"

    Learn More

  • Heartline Cafe

    Heartline Cafe

    "From Farm to Table; to Organic and Gluten-Free"

    Learn More

  • Hideaway House

    Hideaway House

    "Italian Country Kitchen"

    Learn More

    We also encourage you to explore the surrounding areas. We also know of some "Great Restaurants" in Cottonwood, Page Springs, "Jerome" and Flagstaff.

    Cottonwood is a short drive from Sedona. "Page Springs" boasts wineries. "Jerome" is an old mining town built into the side of Mingus Mountain with quaint shops and interesting bars.

    Please let us help you plan the perfect "Couples Retreat in Sedona". We know the best options, the local favorites, and the "Best Experiences". All with exclusive offers.

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