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Sedona’s Best Lodging

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

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Sedona's Best Lodging

Sedon'as Best Lodging

We know the best places to stay in Sedona while you are on your "Couples Retreat". What is the perfect place? What are the perfect amenities? What is the perfect location?

Are you looking for views of the notorious "Red Rocks of Sedona" as you kick back in your private hot tub? Imagine waking up to the sunrise cresting over the Colorado Plateau, 1500 feet above you, as you enjoy a cup of your favorite morning beverage on your private patio or deck. Imagine "Relaxing in a Hot Tub" on your private deck under an amazing star-scape with your beloved after a perfect day in Sedona. Perhaps you prefer an intimate creekside setting. There something magical about water flowing in the “upper dessert” down "Oak Creek Canyon". It gives you both time to reflect on what is most important in your lives together.

Perhaps you prefer to spend more of your money on "Activities in Sedona" and just want an inexpensive, clean and nicely appointed room. Many of our couples just want a comfortable place to sleep and choose to spend very little time in their room. It’s not uncommon for our guests to stay busy all day with hikes; holistic sessions, "Spa Treatments"; land excursions to the Grand Canyon, Fossil Creek, Beaver Creek, sacred ruins, canyons and caves. There is "So Much to Do in Sedona" and some of our guests just want to sleep when they get back to their room.

  • Boots & Saddles B&B

    Boots & Saddles B&B

    "A Premier Sedona Bed & Breakfast"

    Learn More

  • Creekside Inn at Sedona

    Creekside Inn at Sedona

    "An Intimate Creekside Experience"

    Learn More

  • La Vista Motel

    La Vista Motel

    "Starting @ $89. Clean. Great Red Rock Views"

    Learn More

    Whether you’re looking for "Lodging in Sedona" that is of Honeymoon caliber or just a place to lay your heads, we know the perfect lodging options. Our "Sedona Guides" will find the perfect place to for you to stay. If you’ve already found the perfect place to stay in Sedona, and just want us to weave together the perfect itinerary, we can do that too.

    We want your "Stay in Sedona" to be perfect. From the "Best Lodging" to the perfect blend of relaxation and inspiration. Our activities options are unparalleled in Sedona. We bring it all together. From lodging, to dining, to shopping, to activities.

    So whether you are looking for a "Rejuvenating Couples Retreat" with an emphasis on spa treatments, an "Adventurous Couples Retreat" where you are seeing a lot of beautiful landscapes, a "Romantic Couples Retreat" that focuses on celebrating your love with lots of romance, or a "Spiritual Couples Retreat" that helps you both go deeper into your connection with the Divine and each other, we can orchestrate the perfect Sedona get-away.

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    "We Weave the Love. Sedona Does the Rest."

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