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Sedona is a small town surrounded by 1.8 million acres of National Forest that serves over 3 million visitors per year. Voted as "One of the Most Beautiful Places in the America" and "One of the Most Romantic Places in America" Sedona is the perfect place to celebrate your love.

Tens of thousands of couples come to Sedona each year to celebrate a marriage or anniversary. Hundreds of thousands of people "Come to Sedona" each year on some sort of "Spiritual Quest". For hundreds of years Native Americans came to the Sedona area for their quests.

What is your reason for "Coming to Sedona"? We cater to couples who want a rich Sedona experience. Couples who want to celebrate their lives and love together. Couples who are looking for a unique experience; an experience that only Sedona can offer.

Our experienced "Sedona Guides" will speak with you and help you choose from the wide array of activities available in Sedona and beyond.

  • Dry Creek Road

    Dry Creek Road

    "Thunder Mtn. Mescal Mtn. Devil’s Bridge."

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  • Oak Creek Canyon

    Oak Creek Canyon

    "Top 10 Scenic Route in U.S."

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  • Red Rock Loop

    Red Rock Loop

    "Awe-inspiring Views of Sedona"

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    Perhaps an "Adventurous Couples Retreat" most interests you both. These "Sedona Couples Retreat" packages typically get you out in nature, with hiking, swimming and camping options. Grand Canyon trips. Hiking to remote ruins, waterfalls, vistas and caves. There are so many options. You should "Contact Us" to discover the perfect destinations.

    How about celebrating your love with a "Romantic Couples Retreat", complete with Romantic Picnics, "Spa Treatments", photography, even readings that will help you understand each other more deeply. Our "Romantic Couples Retreats" are designed around your specific needs and deepest desires. "Contact Us" to customize the perfect blend of experience.

    Many couples "Come to Sedona" to rejuvenate and re-connect. Sedona has a wide array of options to help any couple return home refreshed and ready to move into a new way of being. Spa Packages. Massage. "Romantic Lodging" options. Intimate Dining. Romantic Excursions. We know the best things to do in Sedona for those couples looking to rekindle, rejuvenate and reconnect. Don't hesitate and "Contact Us" to design the "Perfect Retreat".

    Sedona is also known as one of the premier spiritual destinations in the United States. The Native Americans knew this hundreds of years ago. Tens of thousands of seekers "Come to Sedona" each year now for some sort of "Spiritual Retreat". Sedona is a spiritual mecca that hosts hundreds of guides and holistic practitioners from practically every spiritual discipline on earth. But how do you find the best? There are as many false prophets as there are “false profits” in this town. Don’t leave your fortunes to chance. "Contact Us". We know the best practitioners in Sedona and work with most of them. Peruse our "Spiritual and Holistic Sessions". We know how ask the important questions and weave the perfect blend of sessions with the perfect practitioners.

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