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Spiritual Sedona Couples Retreats

Our Holistic and "Spiritual Sedona Couples Retreat" packages are designed around both of your needs, beliefs and goals. Our "Retreat Coordinators" will take the time to discover the perfect customized "Spiritual Retreat" designed for the both of you.

Sedona is one of the premier holistic and spiritual destinations of the world. Sedona is a "Spiritual Mecca" and has been for hundreds of years. Native Americans thought of this land as so sacred, most only visited for sacred reasons. Today, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people visit Sedona primarily for some sort of spiritual quest.

Sedona is brimming with holistic practitioners. From traditional therapists to shamans. From naturopathic doctors to practitioners trained in the ancient ways of Chinese medicine. Meditation specialists and shamanic breath work experts. "Readings from Astrologers" with PhDs and decades of experience in couples counseling. Psychics who are notorious and utilized by governmental authorities. A world renowned "Past Life Regressionist". Even the sacred practices of Tantra.

We’ve designed hundreds of "Couples Retreats in Sedona". We know how to balance the diverse needs of a couple. More importantly, we know how to connect you both with the practitioners who you can relate with. We’ve made believers out of the biggest of skeptics. We’ve also taken people to levels they’ve only dreamed of, despite having been on a "Spiritual Path" for decades.

  • Session -  Astrology

    Astrology Sessions

    Discover your Soul’s Blueprint. Understand your destiny, its trials and gifts. Compatibility Charts for Couples.

  • Session - Emotional Healing

    Emotional Healing

    Heal the Past. Integrate Emotions. Learn how to safely feel more. Interrupt unconscious behavior patterns.

  • Session - Healing the Family Soul

    Healing the Family Soul

    Heal Family. Expedite Karma. Understand your Legacy. Clear the past. Wake up to the moment. Empower your Future.

  • Session - Human Design

    Human Design

    Understand your true nature. Work with your inherent design. Relate with others. Empower your strengths and talents.

  • Session - Integrative Breathwork

    Integrative Breathwork

    Simple. Powerful. Conscious Breathing. An inward journey of healing. Take a powerful discipline back home.

  • Session - Oracle/Guided Readings

    Guided Readings

    Astrology. Numerology. Compatibility Charts. Soul Blueprints. Human Design. Psychic/Tarot.

  • Session - Photography Tours

    Photography Tours

    Scenic Excursions throughout the Sedona Area. Capture incredible landscape moments on film.

  • Sessions - Sacred Practices

    Sacred Intimate Practices

    Learn sacred practices that deepen love, intimacy and understanding. Love Languages. Compatibility Charts.

  • Sessions - Spa Sessions

    Spa Sessions

    Facials. Aesthetics. Massage. Acupuncture. Oriental Medicine. Couple Sessions. 

    Gifted Sedona Practitioners

    Despite the fact that Sedona has a multitude of gifted holistic practitioners, spiritual guides and healers, there are many "SedoNuts". "SedoNuts" are the people who look to heal others before they do the work necessary to heal themselves. And there is a plentiful supply of them in Sedona. Don’t leave your "Life or Retreat" to chance. We work with only the "Best Holistic Practitioners in Sedona". Sure, we all have issues. But our practitioners are doing their work and have been on a conscious spiritual path for many years, usually decades. They understand that they are serving the community with "Gifts of Insight", experience and study. And they see their path, gifts and services with the utmost reverence.

    We call our practitioners "Sedona Seers". Their chosen disciplines and innate gifts help them to “see” things. Most are gifted with intuition. All of our "Sedona Seers" are committed to service and Love. We believe in being of service to Love in all the beautiful forms that relationships take in this world.

    So whether you have been on a spiritual path for years or either of you is just now opening to new perspectives, we know how to design the perfect "Spiritual Couples Retreat in Sedona". We’ve worked with couples in distress, as well as those couples celebrating a marriage or milestone. We’ve designed retreats for skeptical spouses who were extremely grateful they came; they’re Love and hopes renewed. We’ve worked with atheist, agnostics, men of the cloth and nuns married to Christ. Doctors. CEOs married to their job, looking for some type of reprieve. Wives primarily raising children, even in an empty nest.

    Find What You Are Missing

    Contact us today, so we can explore a wide range of options for the most profound "Spiritual Retreat in Sedona".

    "You and your Sedona guide will plan how to design the best retreat possible".

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