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Adventurous Sedona Couples Retreats

Many couples come to Sedona looking to experience the natural wonders of "One of the Most Beautiful Places" in the country. In Sedona alone, there are over three hundred miles of marked trails winding through some of the most magnificent of landscapes. Sedona is diverse in waterfalls, creeks, canyons, vistas, caves, sacred sites and ancient ruins. We pride ourselves on guiding you to the most breathtaking views and serene settings.

We offer a wide range "Scenic Packages" that can last from one hour to overnight. Everything is based on your preferences, abilities and agilities with many al-a-carte options including light snacks, complete meals, photography, even "Holistic Sessions" like massage or readings.

Choose from amazing bluffs on the "Mogollon Rim" overlooking Oak Creek Canyon; creekside settings that can include swimming holes, miniature red rock islands for basking and listening to the flowing waters, cliff jumping and waterfalls so pure you’d swear your in the Caribbean.

We can explore "Ancient Indian ruins"; notorious vortex locations; secret swimming holes; sacred ceremonial sites; even camping sites with breathtaking scenic overlooks.

There are also the places close to Sedona that make for a perfect day trip. The Grand Canyon. "Oak Creek Canyon". Fossil Creek. Beaver Creek, Hopi Lands, and so much more. Because all of "Our Retreat Packages" are customized to suit your needs, we can arrange day trips that include winery tours and trips through Old Town Cottonwood, Jerome and the top of Mingus Mountain.

  • Session -  Astrology

    Astrology Sessions

    Discover your Soul’s Blueprint. Understand your destiny, its trials and gifts. Compatibility Charts for Couples.

  • Session - Emotional Healing

    Emotional Healing

    Heal the Past. Integrate Emotions. Learn how to safely feel more. Interrupt unconscious behavior patterns.

  • Session - Healing the Family Soul

    Healing the Family Soul

    Heal Family. Expedite Karma. Understand your Legacy. Clear the past. Wake up to the moment. Empower your Future.

  • Session - Human Design

    Human Design

    Understand your true nature. Work with your inherent design. Relate with others. Empower your strengths and talents.

  • Session - Integrative Breathwork

    Integrative Breathwork

    Simple. Powerful. Conscious Breathing. An inward journey of healing. Take a powerful discipline back home.

  • Session - Oracle/Guided Readings

    Guided Readings

    Astrology. Numerology. Compatibility Charts. Soul Blueprints. Human Design. Psychic/Tarot.

  • Session - Photography Tours

    Photography Tours

    Scenic Excursions throughout the Sedona Area. Capture incredible landscape moments on film.

  • Sessions - Sacred Practices

    Sacred Intimate Practices

    Learn sacred practices that deepen love, intimacy and understanding. Love Languages. Compatibility Charts.

  • Sessions - Spa Sessions

    Spa Sessions

    Facials. Aesthetics. Massage. Acupuncture. Oriental Medicine. Couple Sessions. 

    Adventures in Sedona

    Perhaps Hot-Air Ballooning is something you’ve both always wanted to do. Or maybe, you want to explore why Sedona is one of the "Mountain Biking Destinations" of the United States. We know the experts, no matter your skill set. We also know the best Jeep Tour companies and their best choices, with options to even drive yourself. We know the "Best Places to Visit in Sedona"!

    No matter your level of agilities, we can design the perfect "Adventurous Couples Retreat" with the perfect blend of activities. Wanna hike a lot? We can show you the places you would never find on your own. Wanna balance your vacation with "Relaxing Scenic Drives" to inspiring destinations? We can help you discover the places off the beaten path complete with all the amenities you would expect, like great food and beverage, photography and memories that will last a lifetime.

    Check out some sample "Adventurous Couples Retreat" packages. Then contact us to customize the perfect "Couples Retreat in Sedona". Based on your needs. Based on your abilities. Based on your ideals.

    We know the best places to take you

    Let us customize the perfect "Adventurous Sedona Couples Retreat". The perfect lodging options. From full blown camping to relaxing hotels. The perfect destinations. All based on your abilities, agilities and preferences.

    "We know the best places to take you. Let us customize the perfect Adventurous Sedona Couples Retreat".

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