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"Nature & Nurture” Personalized Sedona Retreat

This Personal Sedona Retreat is customized with a holistic mixture of "Nature and Nurture” Sessions. Our Nature Sessions are Outer Journeys into the Mystical Lands of Sedona. These private sessions are guided by a gifted practitioner to one of the Sacred Landscapes in Sedona. Ceremonial Sites. Sacred Caves. Awe-Inspiring Vistas. Powerful Vortex locations. Ancient Ruins. Tranquil and Refreshing Creekside Settings.

We offer Land Excursions to intimate creekside settings, complete with a picnic. You can include a Ceremonial Rite. A Vision Quest. Renewal of Vows, both inner and outer. Or, A Letting Go Ceremony. Choose an Intuitive Reading in the sacred spots of Sedona. Or learn a sacred practice or spiritual discipline on Sedona’s Red Rocks. It’s important to return back home from a Sedona Retreat with a practice or discipline. Sedona is a spiritual mecca that you can tap back into. Anywhere. Anyplace. Anytime.

  • Session -  Astrology

    Astrology Sessions

    Discover your Soul’s Blueprint. Understand your destiny, its trials and gifts. Compatibility Charts for Couples.

  • Session - Emotional Healing

    Emotional Healing

    Heal the Past. Integrate Emotions. Learn how to safely feel more. Interrupt unconscious behavior patterns.

  • Session - Healing the Family Soul

    Healing the Family Soul

    Heal Family. Expedite Karma. Understand your Legacy. Clear the past. Wake up to the moment. Empower your Future.

  • Session - Human Design

    Human Design

    Understand your true nature. Work with your inherent design. Relate with others. Empower your strengths and talents.

  • Session - Integrative Breathwork

    Integrative Breathwork

    Simple. Powerful. Conscious Breathing. An inward journey of healing. Take a powerful discipline back home.

  • Session - Oracle/Guided Readings

    Guided Readings

    Astrology. Numerology. Compatibility Charts. Soul Blueprints. Human Design. Psychic/Tarot.

  • Session - Photography Tours

    Photography Tours

    Scenic Excursions throughout the Sedona Area. Capture incredible landscape moments on film.

  • Sessions - Sacred Practices

    Sacred Intimate Practices

    Learn sacred practices that deepen love, intimacy and understanding. Love Languages. Compatibility Charts.

  • Sessions - Spa Sessions

    Spa Sessions

    Facials. Aesthetics. Massage. Acupuncture. Oriental Medicine. Couple Sessions. 

    Adventures in Sedona

    Our Nurture sessions are Inner Journeys into the Magical Inner Landscapes of mind and emotions. They are designed to bring you back “home” with a sense of understanding, direction, clarity, purpose and peace. Together, we will choose the best combination of One-on-One sessions for your Sedona Retreat. Sessions that are meant to bring Mental Clarity and Understanding about your Life Purpose, re-occurring Cyclical Patterns that are rooted in your belief systems and thought patterns, and powerful insights and practices that can bring you into alignment with your grandest vision of your Self. Then there are the Emotional Sessions that are to help you to release the past so that past experiences no longer direct the course of your life and cause you to act unconsciously with destructive patterns, cycles and reactions. And finally, we will choose some powerful Spiritual Sessions that will help you to connect to Source, Love and Life through ancient and contemporary practices. Practices that you can take back home and deepen your sense of connection with your Self, your Higher Power, Life and Love.

    Our Sedona Retreats Have Rippled Into Thousands of Lives. Call Us and Find Out Why.

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