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Personal Holistic Sedona Retreats

Our personal customized Holistic Sedona Retreats are a balanced blend of One-on-One sessions with Sedona’s most gifted guides and practitioners. This Sedona Retreat is meant to inspire you with Readings that bring clarity and mental insights. Emotional healings that help integrate difficult past experiences and move forward refreshed and renewed. Physical activities can include hikes and/or practices that stimulate the senses and ensure health and well-being. And our spiritual sessions facilitate connection to “God” “Source” “Love” “Life.” Whatever your beliefs.

Sedona has long been recognized as a healing mecca in North America. The Native Americans saw Sedona as a place to do pilgrimages and vision quests. Today Sedona draws some of the most significant guides and healers from around the world. Gifted Readers. Intuitives. Herbalists. Alternative Medicine Practitioners. Tantra Experts. Emotional Wellness Counselors. Grief Specialists. Spiritual Guides. And More.

  • Session -  Astrology

    Astrology Sessions

    Discover your Soul’s Blueprint. Understand your destiny, its trials and gifts. Compatibility Charts for Couples.

  • Session - Emotional Healing

    Emotional Healing

    Heal the Past. Integrate Emotions. Learn how to safely feel more. Interrupt unconscious behavior patterns.

  • Session - Healing the Family Soul

    Healing the Family Soul

    Heal Family. Expedite Karma. Understand your Legacy. Clear the past. Wake up to the moment. Empower your Future.

  • Session - Human Design

    Human Design

    Understand your true nature. Work with your inherent design. Relate with others. Empower your strengths and talents.

  • Session - Integrative Breathwork

    Integrative Breathwork

    Simple. Powerful. Conscious Breathing. An inward journey of healing. Take a powerful discipline back home.

  • Session - Oracle/Guided Readings

    Guided Readings

    Astrology. Numerology. Compatibility Charts. Soul Blueprints. Human Design. Psychic/Tarot.

  • Session - Photography Tours

    Photography Tours

    Scenic Excursions throughout the Sedona Area. Capture incredible landscape moments on film.

  • Sessions - Sacred Practices

    Sacred Intimate Practices

    Learn sacred practices that deepen love, intimacy and understanding. Love Languages. Compatibility Charts.

  • Sessions - Spa Sessions

    Spa Sessions

    Facials. Aesthetics. Massage. Acupuncture. Oriental Medicine. Couple Sessions. 

    Holistic Sedona

    But don’t leave your Sedona Retreat to chance. Sedona’s most gifted practitioners often can only be booked in advance. Some are even booked out months in advance. And for as many good Sedona Guides as there are, there are many many more who haven’t done their own work. Wounded healers are the norm in Sedona. And if someone doesn’t practice what they preach, you’re better off reading a book.

    We only work with Sedona’s best practitioners, healers and guides. Our Core Practitioners and Sedona Retreat Guides have each worked individually with thousands of people in personalized Sedona Retreats. They are extremely gifted in working with people from all walks of life. Give yourself the gift of an uncommon, well designed customized Holistic Sedona Retreat. And return home refreshed, inspired and renewed.

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