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Sedona is one of the premier holistic destinations of the world for seekers and seers, alike. Many Native Americans considered the Sedona lands so sacred that they would only visit the Sedona area for vision quests and ancient ceremonial rites.

Today, Sedona continues to draw hundreds of thousands of people per year specifically for some type of Holistic or "spiritual retreat." We believe, everyone comes to Sedona for "something special." Sedona has that magical feel; that intensive allure. Millions of visitors are awe-struck every year by her majestic beauty. Most have heard of the Sedona Vortexes and many locals know that all of Sedona is a vortex. Scientists have proven it. No wonder Sedona draws healers from all over the world.

We call our holistic practitioners seers. They literally help you "see" more clearly. They are the guides to your inner landscapes. They help you shift your perceptions, see things differently, recognize your own deeper truths; helping you to source miraculous shifts in your life.

These Sedona Seers and guides will help you understand the signs along your path. Some of our Sedona Seers read the stars helping you navigate the seas of your life. Others understand the blueprints of your energetic makeups. Some understand how to help you break from the past, old habits and reoccurring life patterns. Still others are disciplined in practices that, when taught, can be a source of strength for you. Meditation. Breath work. Tai-Chi. Yoga.

Our Sedona Seers are some of the most gifted holistic practitioners in the world.

Each varied in their perspectives, beliefs, styles and discipline; we have the perfect guide for you! Having personally customized hundreds of Sedona retreats with thousands of sessions, we can appoint you to the perfect Sedona Seer.

Our Sedona Seers are truly gifted and dedicated to helping people with their blessed gift of insight. Each are disciplined in their unique craft.

Grounded in their disciplines. Experts in their field.

Your perceptions will literally shift before your eyes. Seers are nothing new to humanity. They have come in all shapes and sizes since the beginning of time. Sacred texts and stories are filled with symbolic stories or redemption, healing and perseverance.

We all have the innate ability to see truth. Truth often stares us in the face. A gifted Sedona Seer will just help you see it differently. They won't tell you what to think, see or do. They will just offer a different perspective.

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