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Our Sedona Retreat Guides

Our Sedona Guides each have responsibilities. Your first contact with us is about discovering your unique needs and desires. You will spend time with a Sedona guide on phone discussing your uniqueness and your ideals for the perfect experience in Sedona. Later, your guide will propose an itinerary. Then, together, we will tweek it so that it’s perfect. Our administrative team takes it from there. Guiding you through the perfect Sedona Retreat, complete with concierge services, maps and the best accommodations that money can afford.

Our Sedona Retreat Process

Front Line: This is the person who answers the phone. It may be Lucy, a Sedona resident of 23 years. It may be Michael, a retreat specialist who has orchestrated hundreds of Sedona Retreats. Or, one of the holistic practitioners who is a team player. No matter. This is a call about setting an appointment with a Retreat Specialist.

Usually, our retreat specialist can return a call within an hour. It is best to schedule an appointment for a time when you will have very few distractions. This initial appointment lasts anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes or more, depending on whether or not there is a fit. If we don’t think we can offer you the best Sedona Retreat Package available, and you don’t agree with us, we will gladly refer you.

During this initial consultation, we will discuss your goals, history and inclinations. We can ask pointed questions. You decide how much you’d like to share. The more your Sedona Retreat specialist understands, the better. They’re extremely intuitive and have designed hundreds of retreats.

After the initial consultation, a Retreat Specialist will start weaving together the best blend of accommodations and activities for the both of you to enjoy during your stay in Sedona. Often there is a blend between joint sessions and individual sessions. We also balance your time in Sedona with relaxation and activities. Activities that you both find meaningful.

Our Sedona Retreat packages are created around you, your preferences, and our know-how. We know the best places to stay, the best things to do, the best places to eat, the best experiences to have. We will take the time to prepare and then propose the perfect Sedona Retreat, based on your budget, time frame and deepest desires. Our primary goal: creating memories of a life-time imbued with love. Lots of it!

"We weave love. We weave experience. You show up. Sedona does the rest."

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