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About Loving Sedona

“We Live and Love in Sedona. We know this town. Let us show you."

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About Loving Sedona

Some of our staff, guides and practitioners have lived in Sedona for decades. We know the best restaurants; the best lodging experiences; the best shops and galleries; and the best activities in Sedona.

We have designed hundreds of retreats in Sedona for people from every walk of life. From atheists to nuns. Couples. Individuals. Families. Our staff, guides and practitioners each contribute their gifts in the creation of your perfect retreat.

Lucy is our administrator and retreat coordinator. She takes care of all the details in scheduling; your lodging, your activities, even helping with travel arrangements.

Michael is your Sedona Guide. He will discuss your needs for the perfect Sedona Couples retreat. Then he will customize the perfect retreat from exclusive lodging options to the most meaningful activities Sedona has to offer. His primary role is to design the best Sedona experience possible.

Jon is our “behind-the-scenes” guy. He is our web designer responsible for streaming your online experience. Our website is like a child, continually growing and maturing. He will continually help us all use technologies to make our lives easier.

Sedona Guides

We have many Sedona Guides. Guides who each play their roles to make your Sedona Couples Retreat perfect. From your first scheduled appointment to the last “goodbye.” Our team of experts will design a customized Sedona retreat based on your needs, ideals, budget and time-frame.

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Sedona Seers

Sedona is one of the premier holistic destinations of the world for seekers and seers, alike. Many Native Americans considered the Sedona lands so sacred that they would only visit the Sedona area for vision quests and ancient ceremonial rites.

Our Gifted Sedona Practitioners

Frequently Asked Questions

Retreats are designed around your schedule. Most of our guests stay 3-5 nights and schedule a few activities each day. We recommend not scheduling any activities on travel days. Our Couples Retreats can be arranged to last from a couple of days to a few weeks.

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